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You and your customers understand that Microsoft Business Solution (MBS), Solomon Project Management Accounting Software is more than just a program - it is a fundamental system covering every facet of a company's financial situation. As a consultant leading a Solomon solution, you also know that successful business system implementations using new technologies require a broad range of skills and expertise. That's why you need the knowledge and experience that K Consulting Services provides. K Consulting Services enables you to keep your project successfully on track, and helps you effectively manage the overall project.

As we know, it's not always the power of the product that gets you there, it's knowing how to harness this power. We understand all the nuances of the product that provide a competitive edge. By using K Consulting Services, you can:

  • Leverage expert product knowledge
  • Profit from fast turnaround and timely delivery
  • Get it right the first time to minimize overall project risk

Because Solomon Implementation Is Not Business As Usual

Singularly focused to deliver results, K Consulting Services are experts in:

  • Computers - Macintosh, PC, HP3000, NT, BackOffice, Solaris
  • Operating Systems - UNIX, MS-DOS, MPE-V/MPEIX, Netware, Windows (95, 98, NT 2000, 2003)
  • Desktop Applications - Remedy ARS, PC-NFS, Financial Applications, Visio, Microsoft Office Suite, MS Project, Filemaker Pro
  • Server Applications - MS Project Server, SQL Server 7.0/2000, SQL Data Transformation Services
  • Network Protocols - TCP/IP, WAN Manager, LAN Manager, IPX/SPX, Named Pipes
  • Languages - Business Basic, Basic V, Visual Basic
Additionally, K Consulting Services accesses a myriad of talented providers to complement their expertise.

Our Experience Has Got You Covered

Through extensive experience, K Consulting Services understands the need for flexibility in implementing a successful solution. We have applied our field experience in multiple industries, so our process allows us to be flexible enough to address your changing needs. We understand what it takes to combine procedures, processes, business needs, budgets and people together into a unified operation.

Our skillfully implemented project management solutions have enabled companies such as professional services firms, contractors, corporate IT departments, and others, to achieve operational excellence.

K Consulting Services was awarded "Consultant of the Year" at Solomon's Annual Partner Conference and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Moreover, K Consulting Services delivers official Microsoft Learning Products in a classroom environment to educate and certify other consultants in the "Microsoft Business Solution (MBS), Solomon Project Management Accounting Software." In addition, K Consulting Services has been the key contributor in the development of the Sure Start I partner certification and the Project Server 2002 PSA Integration education course and their supporting materials for Microsoft Business Solutions Division.

Putting It All Together

K Consulting Services translates business requirements into specific implementation strategies. This includes direct project management by creating an architecture of processes. We configure the project accounting system applications, data, and infrastructure to align with the organizational demands. We also create documentation if necessary. In short, our services are customized to meet your and your clients' needs.

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Questions or comments? Call us at (650) 522-8377 or e-mail us at info@kcserv.com.

Tap the Power of Solomon Project Management Accounting Software

K Consulting Services focuses on Microsoft Business Solution (MBS), Solomon Project Management Accounting Software. A certified Microsoft Business Solutions Partner, we offer an unprecedented depth of expertise in MBS and Solomon Project Management Accounting Software. The range of our services includes: Our customers benefit from unparalleled competence in the implementation and training of technology-based projects requiring a blend of technical and conceptual disciplines. We understand the need for strategic planning and moreover, the need for deep technical implementation expertise.
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Questions or comments? Call us at (650) 522-8377 or e-mail us at info@kcserv.com.